"I…am sorry to burst your bubble… but I’m not an alien. Whereas aliens do exist…. I’m an angel." She spoke, her wings unfurling from her back.


"Though…" Her feathers ruffled and she looked around. "If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you. Literally." 



"My lips are sealed." The blond zipped his lips. "But…why’s it so bad for someone to find out?"

Her face darkened as she looked at the blond, though years and years of sadness could be seen in their blue depths. “Because they will undoubtedly try to kill me. Humans fear what they do not know. And fear of the unknown….well…It’ll wind up killing me… or having me locked in a science research facility.” 

She closed her eyes for a brief moment before holding her hand out to him. “My name is Valkyrie Lawliet. Can you help me with something?” 


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"Holy shit! Fuck," Ed turned his head away as fast as he could. "Sorry, didn’t mean to walk in on you."

Valkyrie’s eyes widened and she quickly grabbed something to cover herself with. Her face turned a bright red and she let out a slight shriek. “W-Why didn’t you knock!?!?!?!?!?” She whimpered, quite embarrassed.


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"….What..the..fuck are you doing." Trinket said, looking down at the other girl as she was locked onto her neck. She placed her hands on her shoulders, trying to push her away.



Trinket fell to her knees and swatted the other girl’s hand away. She stood on her knees panting and grasping the freshly healed skin. “..Dont ever do that again.” She  huffed out looking up at the other. 

Valkyrie nodded obediently. “I…I promise it won’t ever happen again without your permission….I…. I just… didn’t want to drink from anyone… because I don’t like being a monster…” She said, still on her knees and wiping at her eyes.


What’s so wrong with milk?




“It’s… alright. Don’t worry about it. Seems like you had a rough week…” Her offer and question surprised Ed. He had never really considered getting a roommate before because he knew he wasn’t the easiest person to live with. But Ed also couldn’t see turning her back out into the streets. What if she ended up having this problem again? Who would she go to and would anyone else help her out?

Ed scrunched his nose up as he thought on it some more. “I do have an extra room. It’s small so that’s a problem you can take me bed and I can either sleep on the couch or put up a small cot in there.” Ed smiled in an attempt to reassure her. “I don’t work so we can take turns cooking. I don’t do gormet shit but it’s edible. And we can split up the chores… that’ll be nice cause cleaning sucks ass.”

"I…I’m fine with the small room!" She said suddenly and stood. "I don’t mind doing all of the cleaning and cooking! It’s the least I can do!" She continued, her face turning pink. "Thank you so much..!" She said, hugging him suddenly, though she quickly pulled away, blinking in surprise. "You….You’re really cold…." She murmured, placing her hand on his head. "Are you feeling alright?" She asked, head tilting slightly.

"Eh, okay? But seriously, you don’t have to do all of it. Won’t that get old after awhile?" Ed appreciated her offer but he needed stuff to do as well or else he’d get bored. And that was never a good thing for him. "Why don’t we do it together and get all the chores done so you can work on finding your own place or doing what you need to do?"

When she hugged him, Ed noticed that her body felt really warm. Either she was like that because of what she was or else there was something wrong with him. “I… don’t know? I feel okay. A little lightheaded but better than before. Is that normal to be really cold after, you know… do people get cold after you feed from them?”

"It’d be worth it and not very taxing to deal with, so…. I honestly do not mind doing all of the chores." She smiled kindly. "And you could go out and enjoy your free time, yeah? Although… your idea is much more… reasonable… so.. Yeah. Let’s split it." She stated when she pulled away before adding; "And… it only happens sometimes… but it’s really rare…. like… if all of your blood isn’t circulating properly." 

Valkyrie sighed and handed him another chocolate bar. “You should be normal again after you eat that.” She tried her best to hide a yawn and glanced out of the window. “I’d…. like to go explore… if you don’t mind…?”




Beyond’s eyes scan the ivory door to his muggy apartment—room number 13— as pushes open the already unlocked entrance. He had no reason to lock it. All that he cared about didn’t matter anymore, he was dead. Just a wandering ghost, one could say. His apartment…

He grinned from where he was standing, black eyes wide with insanity and a delighted rasp echoing from his lips as his mind began to conjure up different ways to experiment with the young girl who had snuck into his home unexpectedly. How much could her body endure, how much could she take before she fell silent in his grip— Beyond paled from where he was standing, eyeing the name above her head with a shaky stare.

“Lawliet,” He whispered to himself, completely frozen in shock. The name seemed to course through his veins and body, pumping through him like the adrenaline that came with the words.

L, Beyond thought, letting his gaze trail over the girl, have you really come back to taunt me after all this time?’

He was stopped from any movement spite the harsh thumping of his heart as his mind processed what was going on. The mask of cool, calm intentions that he wore around others seemed to shatter as he began to whisper to himself in shallow breaths, his soft voice rasping out in hysterical intervals.

“You—” He said with a shallow breath, “You have Lawlie’s last— “

He trembled as he stood, thoughts racing. He didn’t know what to do, for the second time in his life he didn’t know what to do. He felt like he did so long ago when the news of A had echoed through his ears and had turned his whole world around. He was trembling just like he had done that day before he packed his things and left, tears streaming down his face as he escaped the only home he had, not a soul caring for him. Madness began to tip him over the edge, but he stood firm on his feet. If he wanted to find out what had happened to his Lawlie, he would have to go through this girl. He frantically searched for a date beneath her name, finding nothing, only scattered letters. He didn’t know what to think. Was she an immortal like him, or perhaps a user of the Death Note he had heard so much about.. ? Curiosity drove him as he tried to stop the bloodlust coursing through him and the shock of her name, knowing that she was the answer to the question that had haunted him for so long. What had happened to Lawlie? He finally seemed to cease the whipping thoughts of murdering the innocent girl and got his mind back on track, he had to know what she had to do with L. He had to play nice. What a pity.

A different Beyond stood before Valkyrie now, dangerous eyes now replaced with a less menacing and much less villainous gaze, not to say he still didn’t look mad under the dim light of the room. He was staring her down beneath his changed attitude, investigating her every move. He finally spoke, a cool voice slithering from his lips.  

“Oh..? You’re brother said I was dangerous..?” He muttered a bit strangely, hunching his back and tilting his head to the side with a owlish look. “Well, I must admit I can be if you sneak up on me like that. However,”

He paused, giving her a look over, though he already knew her every feature.

“You seem to be shaking much more than I at the moment and don’t seem to be much of a threat with the wobble in your legs, so I won’t attack you. Though if you think someone might be dangerous, it would be best not to hide in their closets.”

He huffed turning away from her, conveniently sitting up a knocked over picture of Lawlie that had been laid on his dresser.

“Now please, do care to explain yourself a bit further.

Who is this brother of yours… and more importantly, why are you so interested..? ”



Valkyrie nodded as he spoke, though noticed the predatory gaze he swept over her. He was seeing…without really seeing. And the pause he took to stare above her head told her all she needed to know. She would continue this defenseless charade, though she was anything but. “My brother is L Lawliet. He’s….hardly scared of anything… but the look of fear in his eyes at the mention of you… I had to come see.” 

She spoke a bit more calmly now, though her eyes, an impossible blue color, were narrowed in concentration. She took a moment to look at the picture before looking back at Beyond, a small smile playing on her lips. 

"I was wondering…..why do you both look so much alike?" Her head tilted and she started to study Beyond. "The only difference is that you have the shinigami eyes and a more feral stance." 

Endless possibilities ran through her mind. Were Beyond and L twins? Was Beyond her brother? Was Beyond a simple doppelganger? Or had she accidentally traveled to another dimension again? She said none of these aloud, however. 

"If you don’t mind…. I’d like to talk with you for a while." She sat slowly on his bed, and let out a calm sigh. She was no longer shaking, but she needed to sit before she fainted. "Please?” She gave him her best puppy-eyed look, hoping it would work.